Monday, 19 January 2009

Week 4 of 2009

The last week has gone too quickly again! I've been coding and testing most of the week trying to finish stuff for the next build. I'm almost there now. I still have some work to do on population editing forms and metamodel relationship population logic. I'm pretty confident now that Build 013 will be out this week.

I've also been having a number of discussions with people about reviewing parts of OOA09. The number of people interested in participating is increasing but I still need a few more reviewers. So if you would like to participate in OOA09 reviews get in touch now. The current plan is that all reviews will be conducted in the forum. The first review will cover information modelling and in particular the Information Model subsystem of the official metamodel:

Information Model Report
The above report doesn't include object, attribute or relationship descriptions yet but it will do before the review starts.

Don't be shy, get in touch if you want to talk about any Shlaer-Mellor OOA/RD or Executable UML/MDA topic.


Rafael Chaves said...

Hi Sean,

Your blog is quite impressive in terms of length and technical depth. Are you by any chance planning to use your posts to write a book? :)

I must confess I haven't read any post in its entirety, but all the bits I read were very informative, and you really seem to master your stuff.

I am looking forward to seeing the first release of the OATool. Are you building it by yourself? Seems like a challenging task, but from the screenshots it seems you have got a lot done already. I sincerely wish you good luck.

I am developing an Executable UML tool myself, but instead of building the entire stack on my own, I am leveraging frameworks as much as possible.

Sean Kavanagh said...


A book would not be out of the question. However, finishing OOA Tool, OOA09 and my Portal website is a higher priority at present.

You can already download a BETA release of OOA Tool which is very functional.

I can't reuse the Eclipse UML stuff since the underlying framework and metamodel for OOA Tool is Shlaer-Mellor based not UML based.

Finally, I hope you achieve your objectives with your TextUML Toolkit.