Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Week 21 of 2009

First off, my week numbers seems to be off my one. This weekly report covers the previous two weeks which are actually week 20 and week 21 (not week 21/22). I can't go back and change the previous weekly report headings since I will break any cross references to those weekly reports.

I have been working on Action Language syntax and semantics, trying to nail down a sufficient but minimal Action Language for use in OOA09. I've been trying not to rush decisions here since I will have to live with these choices for the foreseeable future. One area in particular that I have been trying to nail down relates to wormholes and bridge mappings. To this end, I wrote a number of recursive design technical notes describing synchronous and asynchronous communications across bridges:

These notes took most of last week since they forced me to clarify a number of important issues, e.g. what happens when return coordinates and transfer vectors go out of scope.

I also realized that watchpoint mappings (object created mappings, object deleted mappings, object updated mappings, event generated mappings and operation invoked mappings) would not be sufficiently flexible. I would also need to allow reflexive bridges in certain situations. The problem here is the assumption that a watchpoint mapping involves two domains. It really involves one or more domains. Therefore, I am replacing watchpoint mappings with domain observers (object created observers, object deleted observers, object updated observers, event generated observers and operation invoked observers). These will be defined on domains rather than bridges but will have access to all domains used in the enclosing project. This will also eliminate the need for reflexive bridges.

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